Oatmeal & Cloves Organic Bar soap

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Gently buff your skin using one of nature’s most gentle mild soap agent and exfoliator. Organic oatmeal, like the other top-tier ingredients found in all of our Aniya’s Naturals products, holds the USDA Certified Organic rating and has powerful anti-inflammatory properties to soothe and heal irritated skin. Clove bud essential oil has long been used for its healing properties for various parts of the body like the mouth, digestive system, and skin and works well against body acne. With the added bacteria fighting, astringent, and circulatory improving benefits of cassia essential oil, the Oatmeal & Cloves natural soap is excellent for nurturing and exfoliating dull looking skin to a healthy, vibrant glow. Improve your complexion, and love your soap with herbal solutions from Aniya’s Naturals.


Oatmeal & Cloves: Natural Ingredients for Amazing Skin

Organic Oats—Anti-inflammatory and excellent moisturizing agent. Removes dead skin cells.

Clove Bud Essential Oil—Acne fighting and antimicrobial essential oil.

Cassia Essential Oil—Boost your immune system with this anti-bacterial oil that improves circulation.

Rosemary Extract—Natural antiseptic and powerful disinfectant.

85% USDA Certified Organic
All soap is created with oils and a lye solution. And while our soap is crafted with USDA Certified Organic oils, the necessary soap making process changes the soap rating from “Certified Organic” to “All Natural” because of the chemical composition of the soap. Our raw ingredients are 100% organic and the quality of our soaps are never degraded with colorants, preservatives, or synthetic fragrances.

Get The Best of Glycerin
Glycerin, the natural moisturizer makes up 10% of our all natural soap products to reduce flaky, dry skin and reverse the effects of damaged, irritated skin. Aniya’s Naturals keeps your skin soft and moist to promote long lasting elasticity with this gentle formula full of humectants for maximum skin hydration long after you’ve left the shower.


Citrus & Lavender

- Saponified Oils of Organic Sunflower* and/or Organic Safflower*, Organic Coconut*, and Organic Palm* (with Retained Glycerin), Organic Oats*, Essential Oils of Clove Bud and Cassia, Organic Cloves*, Rosemary Extract

*Certified Organic Ingredients

Bringing You A Better Soap

While the basic soap making process may start out the same, Aniya’s Naturals goes the extra mile to produce high-quality handmade soaps earning a USDA organic certification.

Aniya’s Naturals

Maximize your skin’s hydration with natural, handmade soaps high in vegetable glycerin. Each of our bar soaps retains 10% of the moisturizing glycerin used to make it to promote long-lasting moisture and fight dry, irritating skin that can cause premature aging.

Our soap is cold processed and completely free of unnecessary harsh chemicals. At Aniya’s Naturals we believe the ingredients nature provides are the way to go.

Big Brand Soap

Big soap producers take away the valuable benefits of glycerin and use cheap, harsh industry fillers.

Industry fillers like SLS and parabens are added to mimic real glycerin-based lather leaving you with harsh products filled with ingredients that have been linked to cancer.

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