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Inspired by the marvels of nature and the sensitive skin of young Aniya herself, the herbal formulas of Aniya’s Naturals are crafted to bring you a better, more natural soap. Founded by Aniya’s mother Regina Grant to nourish and heal her daughter’s delicate skin, our all-natural soap company delivers a full line of plant-based products and personal care items for optimal skin health and balance. Based in Chino Hills, CA and made from quality ingredients like organic rose hips and lavender essential oils, each Aniya’s Naturals bar is made by hand with the love shared between mother and daughter.

Aniya’s Story

As a child, it became clear that Aniya’s skin was never meant to tolerate the harsh chemicals found in ordinary commercial soaps. Her skin would become irritated and dry causing physical discomfort for Aniya and heartfelt distress for her mother. Regina turned to natural plant-based solutions to moisturize her Aniya’s skin and finally lay her skin troubles to rest. Aniya’s success after the switch to herbal soaps and her joyful love of crafts and playful projects is the foundation for Aniya’s Naturals. Her beautiful handmade crafts can be found here where amazing, new projects are uploaded regularly.

The Natural Difference

All our soaps are at least 85% organic, cold pressed and free of harsh additives. Because we’re committed to providing high-quality soaps for all skin types, we promise to never include synthetic dyes, preservatives, or fragrances—ever. Each bar retains at least 10% of the glycerin it’s created with for super hydrated skin achieved naturally. And of course, our soap is always made with USDA certified organic oils.

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