Making The Most of Your All Natural Soap

Whether your new bar of Aniya’s Naturals all-natural soap is on its way to its new home or already in your shower, you’re in for a new world of healthier, more beautiful skin.

Aniya’s Naturals soaps are made with USDA certified organic soap that retain at least 10% of the glycerin you need to keep your skin hydrated. Here are a few tips and tricks on how you can make the most of your new natural cleanser:

1. Pay attention to your skin

Is your skin really dry? Really oily? Or somewhere in between? Taking the time to learn your skin type can make a world of difference in building a skincare regimen starting with your soap. Sensitive skin types might find fragrances and additives irritating while the addition of citrus oils might be more welcomed on oily skin. If you’re not sure of your skin type, take our Soap Quiz for an Aniya’s Naturals bar soap recommendation based on your skin type.

2. Avoid Hard Water

Hard water is water that has higher than normal levels of calcium and magnesium. This build-up of hard minerals can disturb your skin's natural ability to fight off bacteria increasing your susceptibility to infection. If you live in an area where hard water is more common, consider investing in a water softener to remove the excess minerals. You'll notice softer skin and even more benefits from your Aniya's Naturals soap.

3. Follow Up With A Natural Moisturizer

When you cleanse with Aniya’s Naturals, you’re using soap that’s made with at least 85% USDA Certified organic oils. Because of the saponification process, soap quite honestly doesn’t get more natural than that (more about that here). Think of it this way: if you were planning on having a clean, healthy meal for your new diet, would you wash it down with chocolate syrup? We sure hope not. Try an organic body oil or butter after an all-natural shower.

4. Cleanse with Warm Water

While hot showers might seem like a good idea after a long day at work, the higher temperatures of the steaming water can strip away all of the natural oils from your skin. Showers using cold water from start to finish may seal your pores before you've had the chance to clean them out. Cleansing with warm water is the perfect in between to thoroughly cleanse your skin while keeping your natural moisture intact. And again, follow with a quick cold rinse to seal in moisture before following up with your natural moisturizer.

5. Make Your Soap Last Longer In The Shower

Leaving your bar soap in standing water will dissolve it faster. That means you’ll have to replace your bar more frequently which means you’ll be spending more money to replace them. Try a well-ventilated soap saver to save the bubbles so you get the most out of every bar. At only $3, the Aniya’s Naturals Soap Saver is a small investment that can easily add up to big soap savings in the long run.


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